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Riddle me this…

So, what happens when Greg heads off to a football game and I’m left to my own devices? Well, new craft projects of course!!!

It all started when I found this awesome jar project on Pinterest.  I immediately wanted to try it because I have all the jars (thanks, Mom and Dad).  BUT, what the heck is “magic paper”?  I can tell you that it is not at Target.  It’s not at Staples.  When I asked for magic paper, the clerk looked at me like I was a loon.  Plus, I also needed the equally as evasive “decal paper.”  Oh, and a laminator.  Suddenly, my afternoon jar project was getting pretty costly.  Oh, and the only place I could find “magic paper” was some vendor in Australia.  So, now I am going to add to Global Climate Change (re: carbon footprint of shipping across the planet) just to label some jars.  This is crazy pants!!!

So, now I am project-less and at Target.  But, you know something about Target?  Well, the wonderful things about Targets, is Targets’ are wonderful things! (Sung to the Tigger Song).  And, there are all kinds of fun things to find.  What if I get some clear labels, I thought?  Could I use the idea from above and just print them out?  How would that look???? And without further ado…. Jar Labels:

They came out pretty good!!!! And, now I know what’s in the jars!  The only issue I had was with the small “honey jars.”    The stickers just didn’t want to stay on the rounded jars.  So, I guess we’ll have to just wait and see if they last!

How did I do it you ask?  Well, it was simple.  First, I used Avery shipping labels 18664 (I also tried labels 22822 — but these were small and didn’t stick well).  Then, I opened the template in word.  I used American Typewriter font to give it an “old time” feel.  Next, I printed, peeled and stuck!  That was it!  I imagine they are not dishwasher safe… so it will be handwashing for these guys in the future.  All the while, I watched college football and waited for Greg to get home!

So, what did you do with your Saturday????


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