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And…. we’re back!

Ok, so a lot happened over the past year… here’s the recap:

First… Greg and I got married!  On 11/12/11 we tied the proverbial knot in Charlotte, NC.  It was the best night of my life!!! 

Then… we went on our amazing honeymoon to Whistler and Vancouver, BC.  It was an AWESOME time, but I totally understand why people spend their honeymoons laying on the beach and not doing adventure sports… it’s exhausting!  

As if those changes weren’t enough… Greg got a new job… in Colorado.  Yep, you read that right… Colorado!  Fortunately, his new company is the SHIZ and is letting him work from our Blacksburg home until I finish up this May… oh yeah, that’s right… I’m finishing!  I will be defending my PhD in March and I teach until May… and then… we’re off to new adventures out west.  

Ok, now that you are caught up, you are probably thinking… “But, Farmer Ran… what about that garden you spent all that time making???” I know!  I know!  Well, the time came and since we’re renting out our house, Dread Pirate Roberts finally bit the dust.  Or did he???? We have a potential renter that is looking to garden, so no funerals just yet… he may live on to fight the good fight once again.  Stay tuned to find out.  That being said, I don’t know what the future holds for my gardening endeavors in the mile-high city, but that is why my I Beg Your Garden blog will be expanding!  Instead of just gardening, I’m going to be blogging about our move, our adventures, eating local, farmers markets and all things Western!  Greg and I are both self described foodies who will try anything, so I’m super excited to expand to locally farmed and hunted game.  I may not hunt, but I happy to reap the spoils of another’s effort. 😉 I will experiment with cooking and baking at high altitude (this could spell disaster) and trying new recipes.  I have heard WONDERFUL things about the farmers markets around Denver so get excited — 2012 is all about trying new things.  

Happy Farming (and Eating)!

🙂 Farmer Ran


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