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So, I brought some cherry tomatoes from Dread Pirate Roberts over to a friends house.  Her 7 year old who is a bit of a food pill described them as “a flavor explosion in your mouth.”  He also informed me that I should bring small ones and big ones next time.  Yes, Sir!

🙂 Farmer Ran


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The Miami Pumpkins?

So, every time I plant something new I learn something new.  For instance, did you know that pumpkins started their life green??? I for sure didn’t!  That is, until Greg pointed out the newly fruiting pumpkins in Dread Pirate Roberts!   Since the entirety of my pumpkin experiences have been with harvested or canned pumpkins, I just always assumed they were orange.  Why would they be any other color?  I do not have any picture to upload today, but I promise to be back with some later.  I just had to post my surprise.

So, green and orange… where have I seen this before?  I’m going to start a campaign to officially change the Miami Hurricanes to the Miami Pumpkins.  I mean, if the color fits…. Who’s with me????

In other gardening news, it appears that my new harvest of green peppers are doing much better than the first harvest.  Same plants, same soil, but no blossom end rot!  This is puzzling… seeing as blossom end rot is mostly due to a  lack of calcium in the soil, I wouldn’t expect to see this much improvement.  However, after some pondering on the subject, I seemed to recall that too much nitrogen can hinder calcium uptake.  Well, it could be possible that my soil (that came with 3 months of feed) started getting low on nitrogen towards the end of the summer.  Perhaps the depletion of nitrogen helped the green pepper to flourish more?  WHO KNOWS???? Thoughts????

Happy Farming

🙂 Farmer Ran

p.s. Some of you astute collegiate football fans may notice how I ended in blue.  This is because orange and blue is by far the better color combination and Florida school!!! GO GATORS!

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